by VV.AA




released July 29, 2011
►Artist: VV.AA: Flux, Bebop Banger Bumper, MSL Project, Alexis Storm, Digital Brain
►Artwork: Luca Mascioli
►Title: Alterazioni (SosRec for Brusio)
►Genre: Electro, Techno
►Release on: 29/07/2011

Attention please: If you are listening to the new release by Sostanze Records assured to be alone with your loudspeakers and that not even a '' Brusìo '' can interrupt the magic of the moment.
Because we are really speaking about 5 bomb tracks that will also play again this winter besides heating the summer.
The jobs of Flux (My buddy) Bebop (Sick like that) Alexis Storm (Prawns) Digital Brain (Clone) and Msl Project (U turn) reach a level that also the noblest djs can't understand.
Sostanze Records is pleased to play electronic poetries to free give a jewel to the public from the inestimable value.
Each with their style for an abridged edition of electronic music to always be brought behind, because the good music of our djses passes for the study of the label and directly arrives on your sound system.
You freely enjoy.

1. Flux - My Buddy
2. Bebop Banger Pumper - Sick Like That
3. Alexis Storm - Prawns
4. Digital Brain - Clone
5. MSL Project - U Turn

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