Think Out Of The Box

by Red|-_-|box




released September 17, 2011

►Artist: Red|-_-|box
►Artwork: Tommaso Perusini
►Title: Think out of the box
►Genre: Dubstep / Drum and Bass
►Mastered by: Skie Studio
►Release on: 17 / 09 / 2011
►Special Thanks to : Luigi Marchitelli (

The brand new release provided by Sostanze Records is a masterpiece going beyond the threshold of sound perceptions.
In the Red|-_-|box's work you can find all you need. Beats, memories, projects, nostalgia, desire to daze and start again.
The tracks present in "Think Out of the Box" open forgotten drawers, moving in the inner looking for the main theme of your life fragments, thanks to the involving balance of a dubstep-drum 'n' bass mix.
At the end of the journey, you will get the quotations contained in the tracks' titles chosen by Red|-_-|box and in the artwork made by Tommaso Perusini, where the release's leitmotiv is show through an association between images and sounds. "Who wants to imitate something, doesn't produce anything".



1. Crispy Fried Brain In Teriyaki Sauce
2. Deathmatch
3. If I Die Growl Growl Growl
4. Thank U Mr.Vic 4 The Holy Wars and The Punishment Due
5. iScream (VIP)
6. Le Rêve Logique

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